Dana Van Hoose

17 years of building 100's of businesses and brands in over 40 countries using disruptive and game changing strategies and achieving massive and rapid results for people just like you!

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"Rapid business growth through proven business systems."

This is not business coaching...

Performance Based Strategies

Are you performing at your optimal levels? Performance quality will be seen in the quality of your results. By focusing on performance we accelerate your results!

Focus on Monetization

If it's not making you money then you need to stop doing it! So many business owners measure hard work with time working and that's just not the case. Everything you do has to be measurable or it's not marketable or improvable.

Scalable and Sustainable Growth

If you are the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker in your business, your business is vulnerable if something happens to you. We focus on getting you out of the day to day of your business so you can focus on working on the business vs. working in it.

Failure is not an option

Successful people would rather try and fail than to fail and try. If you're going to do something, set yourself up in the ideal situation for success. We have the experience of the bumps and bruises and the time proven success strategies that we can plug into your endeavors for the highest possibility of success!

Meet dana.

For the past 18 years, he has been a successful Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Business Strategist, International Wealth and Business Coach and highly sought after speaker who has spoke in front of 1000's all over the world. "To grow a successful business, you have to have someone with the experience come in from the outside and tear it apart before you can build it back up." It's this surgical approach that has helped Dana grow so many businesses of his own as well as those of his clients and hundreds of people just like you would agree!

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"Within 2 hours, Dana found $85k a year of income potential in my business that I just didn't see.

Steffan R.
Stockholm, Sweden

"For years, my income in my business had Plateaued. In our first session, he was able to put together multiple strategies to increase my profits while working less!

Stephanie B.
Houston, Texas

“At this point in my life, I've done a lot of things in business but after working with Dana, he has really changed my mindset and I feel like a fog has been lifted.”

Brent B.
Sydney, Australia

You desire to succeed combined with my experience and focus on your results is the perfect recipe for success.